Grass cutting

Charles has reported that Eddie our grass contractor has done the first cut of the year so the site is in good condition.

Re motor bikes. Depending who of the farm personnel prevails there should be no bikes on the site from now on, or at the least, they should not come near our area when we are active. I can’t guarantee  that action has been taken so please let me know if you see them. If they are there it is probably unwise to approach them while the situation gets resolved.


Bikers March 12th

The bikers were active again on Saturday and Terry advised me by email that they had permission. When they rode up to me and Pete Wilson, we tried to have a word but they spun round and went over to the far side of the farmers land. However they continued to ride under our flying area and the track alongside the hedge cut out. Terry confirmed that he would be re-confirming with the Farmer that the bikers would be advised to come no closer than the large tree furthest to the right of the hedge cut-out and as such, if any of us witness repeat activity, we could politely point out this agreed proximity limit to them. I agree with this course of action, as we shouldn’t fly within 50m (30m on take off or landing) of them at any time and risk contravening our own rules and terms of our insurance cover etc.

Motor bikes on the farm site

The farmer has been contacted about the motor bikes that have been seen a couple of times on the site. When he next sees them he is going to ask them to stay away from our flying area. If you see them please let me know ( Not a good idea to approach them, unless you have serious problems, in case it results in ‘non productive conversation’. If you really have to, please stay polite and we can then sort it out by further discussions with the farmer.