Last Sunday, 29 February 2016


Our Charperson, Terry M was busy cutting the grass at the club with his electric lawn mower. Mandy, Dave and Geoff were his helpers.

The strip now looks really good.  Well done Terry.

The day was beautiful for flying. Geoff stayed up to 1:30 but I stayed on for another hour. No other soul to be seen. Much later Peter W came but did not fly.

I managed to fly on Thursday …. the weather was even better. Flew my Spitty and Mentor and thoroughly enjoyed flying. And then on Friday…. heavy snow !!!

Happy Flying.

CurrentDude aka Anup

New Sim

spitfire-electricA great new Sim on the market. Saw this at Weston Park last year and bought it. Aimed mainly at the Heli Flyers, it does feature fixed wing models. It features the ability to change aspects of the model that affect flying qualities e.g. engine, C.G. etc. no doubt about it, this is a good Simulator being marketed as ‘next generation’ – and I believe it is.