As John has reported, the field is very wet at the moment – An update from Terry is as follows;-

I went down today to check if there was any change . The track is now drivable but to the side is a lot of mud with lying water. Parking on the parking area is a no no, (please don’t try) due to the wetness and also some earth clods on it. I will clear that if it is not done when I next go down.

HOWEVER it is so ridiculously wet that I don’t think flying is a sensible thing to consider unfortunately. I have never seen as much water around the area generally. On the other side of the fence the small pond that is normal in the winter is also bigger than I can ever remember.

NB Paul Evans also called down today to take a look. He reported much the same views is I describe above but also reported that the hut door was left open, held back with the fire extinguisher. Please check the area if you are the last to leave.

Wishing you a happy new year


And from the rest of the Committee a very happy new year and happy landings in 2018.

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